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The Family Tree of Ronald Mallinder



William Milns Mallinder was the son of Thomas Mallinder and Sarah (Sally) Milns.

Thomas was born on the 18th May 1801 at Carlton-in-Lindrick, Nottinghamshire.  Sally Milns was born in East Markham, Notts sometime in 1802.

Thomas and Sally married on the 3rd July 1822 in East Markham.

In 1841 they lived in Blyth in a house called Whitewater.

In 1851 they were living still in Blythe and Thomas is described as being a farmer.  Sally's widowed mother Faith, age 83, was living with them.  They lived at 12 Blythe Path, Blythe, sometimes described as the 4th house past the vicarage.

By 1861 Thomas and Sally had moved to Burley Edge, Sheffield. Thomas is now 62 and still working as an agricultural labourer.  In 1871 they are living at Intake, Hansworth, near Sheffield, and Thomas is still working on farms.

Thomas and Sally had nine children.  They were:-

Mary, born 1823 in Oldcotes.

George, born 1824 in Oldcoats.

Anne, born 22nd October 1827 in Oldcotes.

Thomas, born 18th may 1828 in Oldcotes.

William Milns, born 21st January 1832 in Oldcotes.

Sarah, born 27th July 1834 in Oldcotes.

Hannah, born 8th November 1836.

Harriet, born 1839 in Blyth.

John, born 1841 in Blyth.

Thomas died 24th April 1881 when he was nearly 80 years old.

Sarah (Sally) died 1st march 1883 when she was 81.

Sally (Sally) Milns was the daughter of William Milns, born 1765, and  Faith Burton, who was born about 1768 and died 1854, age 86!

Thomas Mallinder was the son of George Mallinder and Sarah Bolton.

George was born on the 6th March 1774 at Carlton-in-Lindrick, Notts.

Sarah Bolton was born in 1769.

George and Sarah married in 1794 at Harworth, Nottinghamshire.

Sarah died on the 31st August 1826 at Carlton-in-Lindrick.

A George Mallinder is on the 1841 census living in Carlton but with a wife listed as Mary, maybe he re-married.

In 1851 George is still living in North Carlton, Carlton-in-Lindrick, he is now age 77 and sharing the house with Sarah Denby who is classed as housekeeper.  George is still described as an agricultural worker.

George died 25th July 1851 at Carlton-in-Lindrick.

George Mallinder was the son of William Mallinder, born about 1745, and Mary Walker, probably born in 1745, and christened on 24th June 1745, in Blyth.