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The Family Tree of Ronald Mallinder



William Sidney was the son of John Henry Mallinder and Emily Kitson.

John Henry was born on the 21st October 1857 in Sheffield.  Emily was born on the 17th January 1859, also in Sheffield.


 John Henry Mallinder

 Emily Kitson


They married on the 1st January 1877 at Christ Church, Pitsmoor, Sheffield.  John Henry was a steel works labourer but had started work as a coal miner before he was 13 years old.  In 1881 he and Emily were living at 12 Clay Street, Attercliffe.

In 1901 the family have moved to 34 Plumpers Road, Tinsley, Sheffield. Living in the house are John Henry and Emily, six of their children and two lodgers.  The lodgers are Henry Moore and William Birkett who are both pattern makers.


John Henry and Emily had eight children.  They were:

 Clare, born  1878.

 Thomas,  born 1879 (died young).

Gertrude, born 1892.  She married Albert Wing and they emigrated to Boston, USA on 16th November 1929 on the SS Scythia from Liverpool.  She had three children, Sylvia, Vera and Eric Stanley.

Herbert, born 1884.   Herbert married Theresa and they lived in Wheel Cottage.  Theresa lived to be 99 years and 10 months, just missing out on her century! They had eight children Eileen, John, Mary, Betty, Herbert, George, Richard and Edris.  Edris is still alive (Dec 2006) and living in Ringwood, Hampshire.   His grandson Phillip Mallinder (from John) lives in Cornwall, England.

 John Henry, born 1880.

Edith, born 1884.  She also went to America.  She married Joseph Gaffney who acted as sponsor for Gert and her family when they went to the USA.  Both Edith and Joseph worked for the American poet Longfellow.  Their descendants still live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Bertha, born 1887.

William Sidney was the youngest, born 1895.


John Henry died 27th July 1906 and Emily died February 12th 1924.