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WELCOME to the Radio Guy's Social Club web pages.

Radio Guy's (GST, as it had become) closed down for good in July 1998, 29 years after it opened.  Shame we didn't make the round 30, but the new management of the hospital trust had their own agenda.

Not dwelling on the past, but looking to the future, the members have continued with the social events that were the great strength of Radio Guy's during it's long life.  Membership of the social club is free - you just have to be a former member of Radio Guy's (or GST).

If you have come across this site on the web, and are a former member of the station, please e-mail me with your name and the years you were a member.  You will be added to the list on the members page, and you will be able to join the rest of the crew for our various outings.

Please use the notice board as an alternative to e-mail, if you want to make contact with everyone at once.


Very best regards,

Mike Smith
(former Chairman)




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