2005, February 17

Hi:  I have used your site for some time now, neglecting the fact that someone has actually got to put al this info on here. I would just like to say well done and thank-you to all involved (if not the one person who does) for such a great site. Keep it up as its sooooo useful and it would be great to see it grow from 2005 onwards............ 

Thanks Again,

2005, February 2

Hi Mike:  I'm Nick and i'm 16 years old from the UK. I absolutely love your site. I have been collecting music for a long time and I love to find out all the number 1`s that have been and gone.  Great site!!

Nick C

2005, February 11

Hello:  I've been putting together my slot on a local radio programme ( Canal B ) in Rennes, France, and decided to mark the thousandth number one, with a selection of the curious and the  classic that have made it to no.1. Your site has been invaluable. Thanks. I was interested to note the variations between what made it to the top of the 'official' chart, and what was listed as number one in the NME's own chart. ( for example The Sweet had 3 no.1's in the NME, but only one in the UK chart ) Did they compile their chart through record sales as well? It's also interesting to note how many classics never got anywhere near no.1, and the power of novelty to entice record buyers.

Alastair Price.

2005, January 9

Just wanted to say what a fab site!

I didn't find the song that's been bugging me for ages, but at least now I know it was never number one when I thought it was!  Looking at this site is a great trip down memory lane...


2005, January 1

Just thanks for such a brilliant website. I love number ones, and I wanted to know what the no. ones were for my sister and my birthdays for 2003 and 2004. And I got loads of pleasure in browsing through. My sister and I were singing a lot of the songs too. She is autistic, and with the stimulus of these lists of great songs, we whiled away a good hour singing. So thanks for that - she isn't easily entertained and you helped !!!

Cheers again - I specially liked the footnotes with each song. I'd just like to end with putting forward my nominations for the best and the worst no. ones ever :

     Best   -   The Beatles -  Hey Jude
     Worst  -   Mr Blobby   -  Mr Blobby

Bye for now,
Steven Long

2004, December 21

Just like to congratulate you on a fantastic site, I collect NO 1 singles and have been looking for a list to catalogue my music for ages, It's re-assuring to be able to find a site that is so easy to use, It's a pity the guinness people don't seem to think it's that important anymore to produce a comprehensive list of number one singles. Anyway thanks, and keep up the good work.

James Nadin

2004, December 12

Hi Mike

Great site, many thanks for your hard work and dedication.  I was a D.J. (though I still do the odd specialist night) from 1976 - 2003, and a music fan and collector of all that’s music throughout the years.  Though I now live here in Plymouth with my wife Ellen, I originally moved here from Bromsgrove Worcestershire (home of Trudi Styler, Sting’s wife).  

I am now 47 and in my final year of my BA (Hons) in Photomedia Design and Communications -  Moving Image, at Plymouth College of Art and Design (PCAD).  My Dissertation is based on the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s music and its influence on me and the general music lover.  I have several files that I have put together over the years pertaining to this subject, and I am very knowledgeable in this area.  However, I would like to congratulate you on your excellent site and to thank you.  I have got some great info for my Dissertation and I look forward to including your name in my acknowledgements and references on completion of my Dissertation. 

Steve Williamson

2004, November 14

Wow so much work gone into the site, easy to use and very interesting... have found what was no one when I was born in 1960 - and all my family too! Brilliant work.

Luv 'n' Stuff

2004, November 2

Hi There,

What an excellent site and congratulations to you and everyone involved.  The site is clean, easy to navigate, and the information is easy to get.  All websites should be like your one!  Well Done!


Kieran Murray
Irish Republic

2004, October 8

I would just like to offer my own few comments on your superb website.  Half A Century Of British Number Ones is and invaluable source of information to myself, and I am sure, countless other chart enthusiasts that have found your pages.  The level of commitment that must be applied in order to put together such a concise site is truly a credit to your obvious love of music.

The small snippets of information, the web links and other minor details you have undertaken to supply all make the site so very much more than just a UK chart listing site.  It was an exciting find for me and I'm sure many other have, and will, enjoy your endeavours for as long as is possible. Congratulations and thank you for all your obvious hard and, I would imagine, often thankless efforts.

In my opinion you have constructed, without doubt, the most complete, entertaining and important UK number one listing to be found anywhere on the Internet.  I have nothing but admiration for your work.

Jeff Thomas

2004 October 2

Just wanted to say what a fantastic website this is, spent many happy hours reminiscing old times from your listings.  Keep up the good work!!!

Lee Strange

2004 September 16

Excellent website and some useful links. Brings back a few memories of the 80s.

Well done!

2004 September 14

I've enjoyed wandering around your site and have book marked it for future enjoyment.  Looking at those song titles brings back many happy memories.  Thank you for your web site and good luck for the future

Kind regards,
Chris Skeel

2004, August 2

Hi:  Just seen your website and it's great.  I own every number one with multiple copies of many of them.  Would you be interested in putting my contact email for anybody looking to buy a 'missing' number one single ?



2004, July 11

Hi, I would like to thank you for creating such a great website.

Fabio Camara

2004, May 8

Sorry to bother you, I'm sure you are busy.  I've used your site for about a year now to find old tunes from years ago which I could not remember the name of, and it is one hell of a site.  I just hope that it carries on for years more, and if you ever decide to stop running it, I just hope that there is somebody else out there with your dedication who would have a site half as good as yours.

Anyway just a note to say your site is appreciated and Very useful, I hope other people tell you that as well sometimes!  Hopefully it will be around for a long time.

Anyway bye!!

Paul Evans

2004, March 18

This website, which must have taken a long while to research and compile, is excellent.  Easy to read and highly informative.  You are to be congratulated on your efforts.  Long may this site continue as an excellent reference point.

Julia Sutton

2003, August 23

Congratulations on your incredible web site.  I've been interested in the charts, and especially the number ones for decades.  Now I can check off all the records in my collection.  Great job.  Thank you very much.

Paul Tomkinson

2003, March 7

Brilliant!  A great opportunity to reminisce over all those great numbers ones from the sixties and seventies.  Great job.

Alan Small

2002, December 19

I've been looking for a site like this for ages.  It's great.  Keep it up!

Sandra Lindon

2002, October 26

Just wanted to say what a fantastic web site it is.  Now I can find any number one I want.  Thanks for all the hard work.

Dave Parsons

2002, August 19

Thanks for a great web page. Easy to use and very informative, it's help settle more than one argument in the pub.


2002, August 15

Born in Germany in 1945, I went to elementary and grammar school in England from 1954 – 1961 before moving to Italy, and I have always wanted to identify the songs I listened to during that period, when buying records was not an everyday habit as it is today. Who did the job, deserves a medal, as do those who made similar compilations for the US and Italy. Pity I can’t find lists just as clear and on the same level of quality for France, Germany and Spain. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I used your list to help create an archive of top songs (though, as is mentioned somewhere, that has only statistical value for some songs of the eighties and nineties) and am grateful that you have made this work easier for me.

Klaus Stern

2002, July 11

Hi, this is a very good site you have here, it is obvious a lot of research has gone in to it, well done.

Many Thanks,


2002, March 24

I'd just like to say thanks for this website.  It's helped a lot and will visit again.

dj Ken

2002, March 24

Hello from Denmark,

I have found your fine chart-sides on the net.  I run a programme on a local Danish Radio, where I use the old UK singles' charts, based on a book called "The Top Twenty Book", by Tony Jasper, often using some of your comments about the number ones.

Kind regards

Carsten Leth Jeppesen

2002, March 7

Saludos desde Venezuela,

Quiero hacer un reconocimiento de este chart útil, y tan importante para situar las canciones 
inglesas más exitosas. Es un trabajo que todos los melómanos y disc-jockeys agradecemos.

Alejandro García Malpica


Greetings from Venezuela, 

I want to make a recognition of this useful chart, it is so important to locate the 
more successful English songs.  It is a work that all the music lovers and disc-jockeys
thank you for.

Alexander García Malpica

2001, October 28

hi there, 

What a wonderful reference guide. I have been collecting the UK No.1's for 11 Years now and it 
is always great to know a little about the act, history and style of music obtaining number 1. 

Look forward to seeing who will be UK No.1 1000!! 

Regards John Whitford-Lowe (Australia)

2001, October 16

Excellent website ! Thank you !

Borek Kapitancik, Kiss 88,3 Brno, CZ  (Czech Republic)

2001, September 19

Hi , just came across your web site by chance and think it is fantastic.  

A great amount of work has gone into this and it's appreciated.

good work , thanks.....redjack

2001, August 5

I think your site is first rate - congratulations - I shall refer to it frequently.   

Regards,  LPS35

2001, July 14


Just wanted to say what an amazing site it is!  This is a big help as I am one 
impatient person and thinking of songs I liked when I was younger isn't easy!!!

I will be telling my friends this site!  Amazing.

Thank You.

Kevin Rowe


2001, June 28


What a wonderful resource, these 'number 1' lists!   I'm wondering,  where
could I get sales figures for these records.  I'm trying to document to
explosion of interest in the 1960s, and obviously there is always a  'top
ten' regardless of  the volume of sales.   Any ideas where I could get
figures, if not for records, then for a company or the recording industry as
a whole, year by year.??

Hal. White.


2001, March 30


I enjoyed looking at your pages of Number One hits from England; they're
really a great re-source.  

Congratulations on your compilation.

Charles Robb
Frankfort, Kentucky


2001, February 11

Dear Mike,
Great site.....have you seen mine?

I take EVERY Number One record with me to EVERY show I do.

Kind Regards,
Ray Spiller


2001, January 2001

I would just like to compliment you on this site.   As it is my wife's 50th birthday on the 23rd of February I thought it would be a good idea to give the DJ at our party some ideas so your site has allowed my to select all the No 1's on her birthdays since her birth even the sheet music, plus other significant dates like our wedding! son's birthday etc.   Thanks again for somebody's hard work.   

Regards,  Dave Cross


2001, January 11

Just been enjoying your excellent UK number ones site.  Great stuff.

Rob Smith


2001, January 1

I've just visited your page on UK #1's. 

Well done on a great resource.

Keith G Mills


2000, December 23


I recently found your site.  May I congratulate you - it is excellent. I was very impressed - well done.

Steve Mulligan.


2000, December 12

Hi   Excellent work...I find it quicker and easier to consult your informative and witty pages on the web than the more commercial ones which only seem to concentrate on the very recent charts.   Keep up the good work.   

Cheers,   Steve Cook  


2000, November 11

Dear Mike, Just a short message to thank you for your excellent website. I have been fascinated by the charts since the age of about 8 (1967!) but over the last few years have begun to lose touch.  Hardly surprising as there is a new number one every week. It doesn't seem that long ago that Nicole was notching up the 500th number one.  I haven't added them up since, but we can't be many years away from number 1000. There's a thought!

We've certainly come a long way since Al Martino in 1952!  Hard to imagine a record like "Side Saddle"  selling more than a few hundred copies these days, but in 1959 it seemed people couldn't get enough of piano instrumentals! Hard to believe also that The Beatles only had one record enter the Charts at No 1 ("Get Back" I think - I'm doing this message from memory!).  I've never quite understood that - some of their early singles had advance orders of several hundred thousand, yet never reached No1 until their second week on the Chart.  Now of course, if you don't hit No1 in the first week.....   

I wonder how the music industry will mark the 50th anniversary of "Here In My Heart" in November 2002? An MTV weekend of Frankie Laine and Winifred Atwell? Perhaps not, but although the Charts may have lost a lot of their appeal in recent years - or I'm just getting older - popular music never ceases to surprise.  I remember reading that it was "unlikely" anyone would repeat the achievement of Gerry And The Pacemakers in having their first three singles make No1. (Westlife anyone?) Or the "exceptional" circumstances that led to Band Aid being the first to pass the 3 million mark in the UK (I think Elton John's tribute to Diana has passed 5 million).  Here's to the future of the singles chart - and long may you continue to update it. Thanks for all your hard work.  

Kind Regards

Mike Crawford  


2000, October 18

Dear Mike and anyone else involved in the creation of this web site.  Allow me first to congratulate you all on an excellently presented and amazing website.  I am a mobile DJ and have just discovered this wealth of knowledge displayed on your web page.  I must say I have been looking for a listing of UK number ones for the past week and I don't know how I have managed to miss your web site.  Now I have found it I will recommend to anyone I speak to as an accurate and easy to use guide to UK number ones, and will continue to check up on it ( hopefully for years to come !!). 

So once again, cheers folks and Well Done!   

Yours sincerely,

Robert Kerr


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