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This line had opened as a short branch from just north of Weymouth station to the quay at Weymouth Harbour in 1874.  Until 1889, goods wagons were pulled by horses, but from that year steam locomotives were used.  Also in that year the passenger service opened, so passengers could travel right to the quay-side station (Weymouth Quay), then embark on the ships bound for the Channel Islands.  

As the line went right through the streets of Weymouth, the speed of the trains was limited to just 4 miles per hour, and a man with a flag had to walk in front of the train.  This arrangement continued until closure of the line in 1987.  The rails have remained in place through to the 2000s.

The photographs below where taken in 1985, during a caravan holiday in Dorset.


Two flagmen walk in front of the Class 33 diesel loco with a train for Weymouth Quay.


The Class 33 is running alongside the harbour at Weymouth.  It's just going to miss the Austin Alegro parked at the side!


Heading towards the Quay.  The Channel Islands ferry can just be glimpsed at the middle right of the picture.


On another day, we followed a diesel-pulled EMU set in Weymouth, heading north towards Dorchester and London.


Closer view of the same train, with an elderly couple dodging between the train and traffic!




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