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The North Norfolk Railway (NNR), also known as the "Poppy Line", operates heritage steam and diesel train services between the coastal town of Sheringham and the village of Holt. There are two intermediate stops at Weybourne and Kelling Heath.  The line, which is just over 5 miles long, originally formed part of the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway (M&GNR).  It was opened in 1887 by the Eastern and Midlands Railway which became part of the M&GNR in 1893. After grouping in 1923, the line was operated jointly by the LMS and LNER. It was closed by BR in 1964, but services remain between Norwich and a new station at Sheringham. The NNR was reconnected to the National Rail network via an 'occasional use' level crossing in 2011.

The railway’s main works and restoration sheds are at Weybourne. They have room to accommodate four standard length British Railways Mark 1 coaches and six large steam or diesel locomotives.  Work on rebuilding the line started in 1965, and on 4 June 1967, two steam locomotives were delivered. The line reopened in 1970.

These photographs were taken on Saturday 7th April 2012.


The outside of the restored Sheringham Station.
It was opened in 1887 by the Eastern and Midlands Railway.


Track-side of the restored Sheringham Station.
It dates from 1887 when it was opened by the Eastern and Midlands Railway.


Sheringham main platform.  As can be seen, there is a pleasant picnic area at the end of the platform.


Marker of the original Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway.



45337 is a 4-6-0 locomotive built in 1937 by Armstrong Whitworth & Co for the LMS.
The Newcastle-based engineering company built 327 of these "Black 5" locos for LMS.



This "occasional use" level crossing was put in place during 2010.
It enables locomotives and train specials to connect with the Network Rail system.



The North Norfolk Railway's main works and sheds are at Weybourne.



The Weybourne works area accomodates a large number of diesel locomotives and DMUs.




The restored Weybourne Station is very attractive.  The main station, built in 1900, is authentic.
Other structures, such as the signal box, waiting room and footbridge have been 'imported' from other locations.



Weybourne signal box.



Holt Station building.  The building is not original at this location. It was built in 1878 as the station at Stalham
on the Broads.  It was reconstructed here by the preserved steam line's volunteers, using 90% original material.



Holt Station and platform.



Holt Station platform with signal box at the end.



Holt Station as seen from the end of the line.
The original station was closer to the village, but was demolished after the closure of the line.



92203 Black Prince, 9F Class, was built by British Railways at Swindon in 1959.
She was one of the last steam locomotives to be built by British Railways.



Black Prince stands at Holt platform before running round for the return to Sheringham.



Black Prince poses for photographers at Holt.



92203 Black Prince, 9F Class, was built by British Railways at Swindon in 1959.
She is seen here on the run round track, before travelling tender-first back to Sheringham.





My Photographs Links Page


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