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Richard Young

Richard joined the station in 1982, shortly after moving down to London from Newcastle Upon Tyne.  Having done some hospital radio in the north east it seemed the natural thing to do to continue with it in London.  Radio Guy's was also very handy, as it was on his route home from the City.

During his time at Radio Guy's, Richard presented request shows and general music shows, but is perhaps best remembered for his long running collaboration with Jan Date on ‘Talktime’.  This frantically produced show went out on Wednesday evenings between 9pm and 10pm, and consisted of the best (or worst) of the weeks off-beat or outright bizarre stories from the newspapers, along with entertainment and showbiz news.  It also featured one or two records which had some relevance to the stories being aired (although at times it was a struggle, and the links were, in the best tradition of Radio Guy's, often tenuous).   ‘Talktime’ continued right up until the station ceased broadcasting in the summer of 1997.

When not broadcasting Richard has been working in the City for a number of suitably grateful employers;  including Nat West Bank and the London Stock Exchange.  He is currently working for a banking technology firm in a marketing role.

He now lives in Croydon with Jane, is not broadcasting currently, but is keeping up his other interests including; mountain walking, politics and cluttering up the house with an ever growing collection of old books on a variety of subjects.

June 2002.