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Dave Culmer
In 1977 Dave joined the BBC as a vision engineer, where he met the infamous Phil Dean. They were both interested in joining a Hospital Radio station, and since at that time Dave had a girl friend training as a nurse at Guy's, Radio Guy's was approached. At this time Radio Guy's was in it's period of 'hibernation' in Barnabas Ward (off air for studio building), and Dave was soon heavily involved in helping Paul Houslop (the chairman and chief technician of the time) rebuild the technical facilities ready for the move into the new studios. 

Once settled into the new studios, and back on air in 1979, Dave was nearly always to be found with a smoking soldering iron in hand. Many is the time that a DJ was requested to play 'Telstar' by the Tornados as it was the ideal record to line up any level variations that may have occurred whilst on air. (Dave now uses 'Telstar' as the ring tone on his mobile!). 

It was only occasionally that Dave would be found behind the microphone, presenting a programme, and then only on the graveyard shift during one of the overnight broadcasts. Dave's marriage to Louise and the subsequent birth of their first child, Guy (named for Guy Faulkes not Guy's hospital!), saw a decline in his attendance. 

However he never lost touch with the station and after a few years made a return, after a plea from John Pennell to 'sort out the desk'. This was after Paul had to bow out because of personal reasons and there was no technical body left. Dave was responsible for providing the station with a complete new audio mixer, which he built on his kitchen table! This was installed by Dave along with John Pennell and Dave Beard in one memorable week when they practically, lived in the studios! 

A little while later, Dave was presented with the first Hon. Life Membership, which he accepted with pleasure. Dave now works as an Outside Broadcast Production Manager with Sky Sports, alongside John Pennell who does the same job.