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Clive Billenness

Clive worked at Radio Guys in the late 70's/early 80's, and went on to work with Radio Hammersmith Hospital, taking many of the skills taught by the excellent technical tutors at Guy's.  He retired from the radio business when experience gained in the Special Constabulary - following in the footsteps of Paul Houslop and Ron McGeary - took him into an enforcement unit of the Home Office.  Some years later, having returned to university to graduate in Computer Science, he emigrated... to Yorkshire, working first with the Fire Service and more recently with the Audit Commission.  

Old habits die hard, however, and by night he and his ever-patient wife Linda now turn into travelling Gospel Magicians, performing magic for churches and youth groups (on a voluntary basis) wherever they can find a willing (or captive) audience.  So far, the furthest they have travelled is to a Church of England congregation in Paris, but they hope to receive an invitation to Cannes in the near future as well.  

Monsieur and Madame Magique, as they are known, regularly confuse security staff at the Channel Tunnel when a search of their car reveals not gallons of booze but stuffed toys, multi-coloured silks, packs of enormous playing cards, and even a large children's plastic sword! 

If any former members of Radio Guy's are up in the Wetherby area, Clive and Linda would love to hear from them.  There are some fine hostelries up there!

August 2002.