This brief note is aimed at Members who may not wish to cut their own mounts, and it provides a “pointer” towards the basic needs for good presentation of images – particularly for internal and inter-club competitions.


1)        “Ready-cut” mounts are available from Hobbycraft near Haskins by the Longham  roundabout.  The Range at Turbury Park on the Ringwood Road, approaching the Mountbatten roundabout, also sells them at a slightly lower price.  Smaller art shops in the area will often have them too.


2)        The print itself should be backed with stiff card.  An A1 size can also be purchased at both Haskins and The Range which is easy to cut and will back several prints.  Large cereal boxes can also be used.


3)        The card backing and mount need to be securely held in place along all four edges with good quality masking tape.  The Club does have a supply which can be purchased.  Please speak to Cathy.


4)        The requirements for image identification must be clearly visible.  These include:- members name, concise picture title and "Intermediate” or “Advanced” section.


5)        Prints must not be submitted in a frame.


6)        It is not necessary for you to print your own images.  If you would prefer they can be printed commercially.  Snaps at Hillview are very good and reasonably priced.  Alternatively, there are online services that will print from digital images submitted by e-mail.



Updated September 2017.