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Club Competitions are open only to fully paid-up members of Ferndown Camera Club.  In all competitions, both internal and external, the member must have taken the photograph and have produced all component parts of any image, whether printed or projected.  The print or image should not be more than five years old.


Prints or Images (or those so similar as to be loosely identical) entered in a previous internal competition cannot be re-entered in future internal competitions.  However, an entry previously submitted as a projected image can be re-entered as a print and vice versa.


Normally, a set subject will be agreed for one of the internal competitions every season (see the programme for details).




There are three classes for internal competitions.  They are Intermediate, Advanced and Premier.  Each class will be judged separately.  The Intermediate class is for most new members.  Experienced photographers joining from other clubs may elect to join the Advanced class if deemed appropriate.  Points systems apply to all classes, as detailed below.




Members in the Intermediate class will be awarded points as follows:

1st Place: 3 points; 2nd Place: 2 points; 3rd Place:1 point


The Competition Secretary will keep a record to determine when any member in the intermediate class reaches 15 points.  They will then join the Advanced class from the following new season.




Members in the Advanced class will have their scores awarded by judges in the four annual club competitions each season totalled.  The two members with the highest score will be promoted to the Premier class.  All other members of the Advanced class will remain.  There is no relegation to Intermediate class.




The establishment of the Premier class for the 2018-19 season will involve the six top-scoring members of the Advanced class over the previous three years.

From then on, the two top-scoring members of the Advanced class will be promoted at the end of each season.  At the same time, the two members of the Premier class with the lowest scores will be relegated to the Advanced class.  Six is the maximum number of members of the Premier class at all times.  The plan is to encourage members to maintain the highest standards of photography, and give Advanced members a new target to reach for.





Print entries must be in good condition, including the mount.  Adhesive tape used in the mounting process must be strong enough to keep the mount and photograph together.  The club can supply suitable masking tape for the job.


Prints must carry the following information (on the back of the prints):


·              Your Name

·              The title of the print (keep titles short) (a title is mandatory)

·              (INT) or (ADV) or (PREM) to show the class being entered.


In internal competitions, members may enter a maximum of 2 prints or 2 projected images in the Advanced and Premier classes, and 3 prints or 3 projected images in the Intermediate class. This rule is to allow the judge sufficient time to give constructive comments on all entries.  Should the number of entries become excessive, the committee reserves the right to reduce the number of entries per member.


Entries may be colour and/or monochrome.  Prints may be home or commercially produced.


The minimum size of prints is 18cm by 13cm (7” x 5”).  Prints must be mounted on stiff board not exceeding 50cm by 40cm (20″ x 16″).


Entries must be submitted to the Competition Secretary by the date published in the programme, which will normally be the meeting immediately prior to the competition meeting, or as otherwise notified.




Members’ prints/images may be retained for consideration for use in inter-club competitions.  A selection committee will choose entries to represent the club for the particular inter-club competition.



The maximum number of entries per member for PDI competitions is the same as for prints.


The submitted image must have been taken by the member using a digital camera; or taken by the member on a film camera, and the resultant image scanned and saved as a digital file.  All composite parts of the image must be the work of the member.


Submitted images must be in JPEG (JPG) format only, and preferably with sRGB colour space (latter not compulsory).  This meets the SAPA PDI Rules.


Each photo image submitted must be maximum 1400 pixels wide x maximum 1050 pixels high. Note that these are maxima: a “letterbox” image can be less than 1050 pixels high, but vertical (portrait) images are still subject to the maximum 1050 pixels high. This conforms with SAPA rules. For full details on PDI sizes, see the separate information sheet.


Entries must be submitted to the Competition Secretary (or other appointed person, as advised) by the date published in the programme, which will normally be the meeting immediately prior to the competition meeting, or as otherwise notified.


Images may be submitted on Memory Stick, or by E-mail to the Competition Secretary or as advised.  The medium used should contain only the files being submitted for the competition.  The submission deadline rule still applies to E-mail submissions.


The FILE Name of each submitted photo file must be in the following format:

·        Photo Title (concise); underscore; Member’s Initials; underscore; competition date in the style DDMMYY. 

·        Example:  Dawn on the Common_MJS_220418

Please note that a proper, concise title for the image is mandatory.


Submitted Memory Sticks must carry the following information, either on the surface of the Memory Stick, or attached to it:

·        Member’s name (all names if more than one)

·        INT, ADV or PREM to show which class you are entering.


Memory sticks will be returned to the owner.




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