• Only one AV sequence per member is allowed, unless more are required to fill the evening.
  • The AV must not exceed a running time of 10 minutes.
  • The AV sequence must be “new”, i.e. must not have been shown previously to members of the club in digital or any other format, for example, as a slide-based AV or show.
  • The AV sequence must be submitted to the organiser of the evening TWO WEEKS before the presentation evening, unless it is agreed to vary this in a specific case.
  • Members must choose the actual sequence they wish to present.
    They must not provide a selection and ask the organiser to pick one.
  • Presenters will be expected to introduce their sequence to the meeting.
  • The AV sequence must be submitted to the organiser of the evening either:

on a memory stick, CD or DVD as an EXECUTABLE FILE


as a DVD Recording (i.e. capable of being played on a domestic DVD player)

            No other format will be accepted, as it may be impossible to run the sequence.

  • The medium used must contain only the AV sequence to be presented,
    or must be in a separate, identified folder.



There is no restriction on the make of software used by the member to create the AV (i.e. it need not have been created using Pro Show Gold), but the AV must be given to the organiser of the evening in a format that will play on the club’s Laptop PC without the need for special software to be installed.


15th June 2010